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Dear Elly,

Well, it has been eight weeks since you extracted my sweet tooth. The result is miraculous! You are fantastic!!

Before then I had suffered deep shame, due to an addiction deluxe to sugar. Upon waking in the mornings, I would start thinking about the possible opportunities there might be that day to obtain sweets or dessert, begging myself to stop those thoughts and not to break down. I would sequester myself at home, not to be faced with temptation. If I did have to go out, I would promise myself not to buy anything containing sugar, but invariably found that a chocolate had been bought, with the intention of eating only a little of it. All of a sudden it had been consumed, without much satisfaction, and there was the lingering disappointment in having lost control once again. To add to my dismay, I still craved sugar. This scenario repeated itself ad nauseam.

In the beginning after the sweet tooth extraction I was wary, but am confident now and able to go anywhere, including the supermarket, where it was really easy to fall down, without even thinking about sugar. Now I am one of those enviable people, who just don't have dessert. No temptation! In two months I have lost ten pounds and my vision has improved. It's amazing and such a relief.

Thank you again and again, Elly,


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