I am a 29-year-old female who has been actively bulimic since the age of 15. The severity of my disorder has varied over the years from up to 10 episodes a day for several months to once or twice per week. I have visited various psychotherapists, but only felt relief while on anti-depressant and anti-epileptic medications. Unfortunately, I did not remain on the these medication for longer than two years due to the negative side effects.

When I met with Dr. Laser, I had recently been weaned off the anti-epileptic drug, Topamax, and began bulimic behaviors once again. I experienced a frightening event in which I experienced significant pain while purging and decided I need to examine options other than medication and therapy to approach my disorder. I researched hypnosis and cold laser therapy because of the concept that these treatments could help with food addiction and overeating, which I feel is associated with my disorder. In this research, I found Dr. Laser's web site and made an appointment.

I was very skeptical about the treatment, but knew I needed to try something different. Following two sessions of treatment, I felt some relief from the need to binge. If I do not feel the need to binge, I do not feel the need to purge. Since my treatment, I have not had any bulimic episodes. Psychologically, I do not yet have a healthy relationship with food and since eliminating the option of purging, I have been gaining a small amount of weight. However, I am able to focus more on improving that relationship because I am not actively binging and purging.