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“Dr. Laser has a very interesting technique that works for me - she removes the 'concern' like extracting a tooth.”

— Ree Gehrke

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"Dr. Laser hypnotized me to help me stop smoking. Our session proved totally successful."

--Stephen D. Nechtow

"I can now confidently say that Dr. Laser has cured me from the addictive smoking habit I thought I would never lose."


"I thought I'd die a smoker like my mother. Today, I have a choice and today I'm a non-smoker. Thank God for Dr. Eleanor Laser."

--Norma J. Sauls.

"After only one hypnosis and counseling session, I became a non-smoker. "

--Jana Traeger

"When I was done with the treatment, I felt uplifted. I felt like I had finally conquered the awful world of smoking."

--Jermaine Bradsfield

"I recommend it to anybody who wants to quit!"


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Weight Loss

Thank you so much for the sit down and snapping my craving for salty popcorn! Haven't had any since! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are amazing!


"It has been much easier for me to stop eating something...and save the rest for later."

--Warren P.

"Dr. Elly helped me manage my chronic chocolate addiction by 'extracting my sweet tooth!'"

--Laura Dion-Jones

"I know I wouldn't have been as successful were it not for the work I did with Dr. Laser. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

--Karen Rasch

"I highly recommend Dr. Laser. Her method was the only thing that helped me lose the weight and keep it off."

--Mary Shaw

"I must admit that I am amazed that your program worked, but I am pleased with the results."

--Jim Capone

"I find myself actually enjoying my food more. I'm not hungry between meals. When I do eat, it becomes a more pleasurable process, and I don't overeat. It's been like a magic pill!"


"In two months I have lost ten pounds and my vision has improved. It's amazing and such a relief."


"After our hypnosis treatment for weight loss, my whole way of thinking has adjusted."

--Marlene Libs

"The result has been a resounding success. I can truly say that I no longer have a desire to eat chocolate and I have been able to give it up without regret or remorse."

--Renee Akers

"In summary, this control that I have thanks to your guidance has been very important in my life."

--Janet Murphy

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"Your hypnosis was a huge help in sticking through the pain and believing in myself."


"Hypnosis for childbirth allowed me to relax during the height of my labor. It also reduced any fear I had about labor."

--Connie Izquierdo

"We were very happy with our hypnobirthing experience. Ellyis an extremely committed, caring coach, and her techniques really worked for us."

--Sally and Tim Mauery

"We were all happy and healthy.  It was the wonderful experience Dr. Laser had told me about."

--Carolyn Anderson, first hypnobirthing experience

"I stayed Hypnotized all through labor, walked around, had a popsicle, no problems."

--Carolyn Anderson, second hypnobirthing experience

"I highly recommend Hypnobirthing training with Elly Laser. She is a skilled practitioner who will show you techniques that will help deepen your attachment to your baby, your body and yourself."

--Bonnie Cortez

"I highly recommend hypnobirthing to anyone hoping to achieve an enjoyable natural birthing experience, free from medical intervention."

--Kate Walz

"I had such an amazing experience with the birth of my second son. Overall, I had a relaxing, pain-free birth."

--Barbara Deppisch

"I think hypnosis was an important tool for me and I will utilize it again during my next pregnancy."

--Dayna Bandman

"Hypnobirthing helped to make our birthing experience a very relaxed and joyful one."

--Larry and Jodi Donahue

"We are grateful to have produced our child without the need for an epidural or other drug to help her manage. "

--Charles and Joyce Lundgren

"After all my positive experiences with hypnosis I was once again suprised how powerful it was."


"Dr. Laser came to my bed-side when I was pregnant and through her hypnosis, her encouragement and her dietary suggestions, I never needed an IV for the rest of the pregnancy. "

--Edna L. Weiss

"My sessions with Dr. Laser completely transformed my birth experience. I felt very focused and in control of the situation. I was able to labor at home in comfortable surroundings and let go of the panic that I felt when I thought of my first birthing experience. "

--Nadine Norther-Temkkit

"The labor was wonderful. I labored for about 9 hours (2 hours of pushing), but with the hypnosis, I did not need any medication. "

--Constance L. Bauer

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Health-related symptoms

"My blood sugar is substantially down from what it had been."

--Dan Kasperski

"Dr. Laser is very inspiring and we are beginning to use her techniques not only with staff members but also patients!"

--Karen Smith, RN Director Central Illinois Endoscopy Center

" I will be forever grateful for the incredible contribution she has made to me and my family."

--Patrick McCann

"By continuing to use the self-induced hypnosis techniques Dr. Laser has taught me, I am convinced I will be a healthier person."

--Caren Goodman

"I recommend hypnotherapy to all my patients who are confronting any health or personal challenges. It is especially important if a person is planning surgery."

--Elisabeth Broderick, M.D.

"This hypnosis really worked and relieved me greatly."

--Michel Muller

"Self-hypnosis proves to be a useful alternative to anesthesia."

--Connie Izquierdo

"The hypnotherapy session was nothing like the cliché stuff you see on television: I was conscious the entire time as Dr. Laser led me through a series of visualizations that helped me get to the source of the problem and left me with a post-hypnotic suggestion that allows me to handle flare ups as they arise."

--Lee Ingalls - Writer, Performer, Independent Radio Producer

"Since my treatment, I have not had any bulimic episodes."



"I haven't had a single attack and my anxiety has dropped to the lowest I can remember."


Fear of flying

Seriously impacted by anxiety, claustrophobia and fear of flying, Dr. Laser helped me realize that my fears were connected and rooted in something deeper.



"Dr. Laser's work has performed wonders on me."


"From Natural Childbirth to Career Realization to Giving up Alcohol - Dr. Laser has come thru for me every time! Whenever I really want to make a serious change or commitment in my life, I seek her out."


"Dr. Laser is an esteemed, caring, and highly skilled professional. I highly recommend her."

--Dr. Denise Casey

"I felt comfortable and safe and pain free during the entire procedure."

--Connie Izquierdo

"As a competitive athlete and certified strength and conditioning specialist I understand the critical aspect of the mind/body connection, and how it relates to performance. Nonetheless, I was floored to say the least, when I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Laser and experience her techniques in neurolinguistic programming."

--Tony Williams

"Without Dr. Laser, I may not have landed this (job) opportunity. She brings out the best in me and after our sessions, she puts me in control of maintaining my learnings with tools, mantras, triggers and visualizations to support your goals for each session with her."

--Marie Getsug

"My session helped me to understand clearly why I exhibited fear while on a plane."

--Kathy Krohn

"In a nutshell, Dr. Laser performs miracles!"

--Kyle Nash

"Dr. Laser has a very interesting technique that works for me - she removes the 'concern' like extracting a tooth."

--Ree Gehrke

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