Bonnie's first weight-loss hypnosis session via Skype

Dr. Elly Laser has made an amazing impact on my life regarding weight loss. I am approaching 70, and have struggled with weight gain since I was 25 years old. I have tried to lose weight and inches doing every diet imaginable, and even went to the extreme of Liposuction. Dr. Laser has tremendous insight into my past by working with me to make me realize WHY I eat and WHEN I eat. I eat when I am hungry, but also eat to deal with my EMOTIONS. By delving into who I am and my past, I have been able to let that go.

I have lost 9 pounds and am now more relaxed about losing weight and have hope that "I can do it." Thank you Dr. Laser for your expertise and insight.

‐ Bonnie Walner

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