Dec 11 2010

C went to the dentist her dental work was to _____________ . The dentist told her what to expect and was about to administer a shot to provide a painless dental procedure. C decided to place herself in Hypnosis during this procedure. She envisioned a pebble dropping down into the lake as she floated on a raft. This stone went down three deep levels floor A B and C At C the deepest level of trance and a stone just goes along with the flow it doesn't feel a thing is just goes along with the tide. Connie felt comfortable and safe and pain free during the entire procedure. The dentist was not informed as to her hypnotic ability. In fact he might have been a bit alarmed during it at times when he told her keep your tongue back When she heard the drilling, she imagined it to be a speed boat, and then a race car. The drilling only helped to deepen her trance even further still. Sinking into the water, she realized she has had a lot on her mind and she has a "lot on her plate"- So given the peaceful time she was experiencing, she met her inner healer. This inner healer met her and they discussed many issues, and began to find solutions. But, it was shortened by the dentist's voice, saying "We are all finished You did a great job Connie, thank you."

I am sure that other dentists would love to have a patient like Connie in their chair. You can be the dentist that can make this happen. Learn a skill instead of a pill. The side effects of hypnosis are deep relaxation, calmness, confidence, a feeling of well being safe, and comfortable. A calm patient produces a calm doctor. Wouldn't you like to learn this technique, it also enhances recovery and reduces bleeding.