I am a mother of four children 5 years old and under, one 80 pound dog and two cats, Thanks to Dr. Elly Laser, I am a more confident, more organized and a much happier mom-at -home than ever before. I first met with Dr. Laser in my home, I was in bed one month pregnant with twins and sick with nausea to the point that I could not function, take care of my 5 year old daughter, my 3 year old son, my husband or the animals. I was a mess. Just before Dr. Laser came to my house, I was in the hospital four three days due to dehydration. I was on an IV For three days in the hospital and I was also taking anti-nausea medication. The day after I got home from the hospital, I was back on an IV, but at home.

Dr. Laser taught me how to hypnotize myself, and to this day I use hypnosis to help me through all kinds of stressful situations! Dr. Laser came to my bed-side when I was pregnant and through her hypnosis, her encouragement and her dietary suggestions, I never needed an IV for the rest of the pregnancy. I was nauseous throughout the pregnancy, but through hypnosis, I new how to deal with it and function as a mother and wife.

At 39 weeks of pregnancy I was having contractions (false labor). After a week of false labor, I decided to let my doctor induce me. Through hypnosis, I endured lots of pain while receiving my epidural. Benjamin, the first twin was coming out of me so soon after the epidural that I was rushed to the delivery room. Zachary, on the other hand did hot want to come into the world so quickly. After pushing for 1 hour, Zachary was still not ready, so the nurses turned out the lights, gave me more pitocin, less epidural and I did my hypnosis. Zachary was delivered 2 hours after Benjamin vaginally. Thanks to hypnosis arid the wonderful medical team I avoided a C-section. The twins were 6 lbs. 1oz. and 6 lbs. 12oz. when they were born, today they are 5 1/2 months old and already 17 and 19 pounds.

The healthy weight of my twins is mostly due to breast milk. Once again, Dr. Laser gave me the confidence to continue breast-feeding against all odds. I am very prone to mastitis, but with Dr. Laser's encouragement, I had the confidence to persist and succeed with breast-feeding very hungry twin boys,

Dr. Laser also helped me realize that I needed lots of help, day and night. My husband refers to our help as the "cavalry."  The week of winter break, when the twins were only 2 weeks old, was the hardest two weeks of my life. With the cavalry and and a little self-hypnosis, I made it through the week taking care of all four of children, my husband and myself.

The twins are almost 6 months, not free of colds and ear infections. Ever since I met with Dr, Laser, I have been able to cope better with a very stressful life with sick babies and sick toddlers.

As a side note, I have so little free time that I had to nurse both twins while writing this note.

Edna L. Weiss