Hypnosis for Surgery


Imagine a medical option which reduces or eliminates the need for anesthesia while providing pain relief during surgery; an option which strengthens vital signs, lessens problems with blood pressure and heart rate, and hastens recovery.  It's the same option which produces deep relaxation during childbirth, can help contractions feel like pressure and warmth, eliminates post-partum blues, and makes for calmer, healthier babies and moms. The name of this amazing tool is hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a method of non-drug based pain relief (called non-pharmacologic analgesia) which is being used in some of the country's most advanced surgical suites and birthing rooms. It is also being incorporated into medical school curriculums nationwide and is the subject of studies which promise even greater benefits.


As a professional hypnotherapist for 25 years, I have witnessed first hand the effectiveness of this powerful tool. Amazing experiences with patients have led me to create the attached article, "How the Knowledge and Use of Hypnosis Supports Healthy Outcomes in Surgery and Childbirth," and I am eager to share this important information with others.


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Time magazine article