Officially a Non-Smoker

Dear Dr. Laser:

I have battled with smoking for a long time and the reason for not adding to Dr. Laser's website is that I thought the urge would return and I'd be back to being a "smoker", a title that I did not want and always denied (titles are great, but this one is bad).

I often said I am a social smoker, trying to deny the label of being a "smoker".

I can now confidently say, that Dr. Laser has cured me from the addictive smoking habit I thought I would never lose. It's been 1 1/2 years.

Dr. Laser – you have changed my life, to the point that I have more time to be productive and generally have more energy and motivation; I even reduced my intake of alcohol as it came hand in hand with smoking.

Now officially a Non-smoker!

Warm regards,