Dear Eleanor Laser PhD,

       I am writing to let you know what a difference your medical hypnosis has made for me.  At age 68, I have had great difficulty in losing weight and my blood pressure is high. My internist said that losing twenty pounds would be great for my health. At first under your guidance, I cut my eating in half and was progressing slowly. After going off the wagon by eating too much unhealthy food (started by a bag of potato chips), I found myself right back at the beginning weight. You encouraged me and said this time, "no sugar, including no wine" to my horror.  It has been about three weeks with no interest in wine nor sugar and I am down about eight pounds. The steady loss is encouraging and the side effects are less puffiness in the face, more concentration and more energy. I am able to put on three good jackets from my closet which had not fit for a long time. In summary, this control that I have thanks to your guidance has been very important in my life. 

Best, Janet Murphy

Janet Murphy's Testimonial