I highly recommend hypnobirthing to anyone hoping to achieve an enjoyable natural birthing experience, free from medical intervention. With my first child I could not effectively manage the pain of childbirth (even though I took a natural childbirth class and read several books on natural childbirth) and ultimately had Stadol, Pitocin, and an epidural. Many parents recommended trying hypnobirthing for the birth of our second child and my midwife practice referred us to Dr. Laser. I was at first skeptical that I could be hypnotized, wrongly believing that you are giving up all control over your mind and body during hypnosis. But on the first session with Dr. Laser I quickly realized that hypnosis is a means to controlling your mind and body. With Dr. Laser's support and guidance my husband and I practiced hypnosis and prepared for the birth of our son.

Our second birth experience could not have been more wonderful. I actually slept between contractions – even during transition – and could easily manage the pain of back labor. I instinctively knew when it was time to start pushing and shortly thereafter delivered our 8 lbs., 10-ounce, son in a birthing tub – no drugs or other medical intervention. Ten hours of labor seemed like only a few short hours. I continue to reflect with joy and pride on our birth experience and credit hypnobirthing for our success.

Thank you Dr. Laser!
Kate Walz