From Lee Ingalls - Writer, Performer, Independent Radio Producer

In late 2005 I was diagnosed with globus, a swelling of my larynx brought on by acid reflux. Since I make a good part of my living with my voice, this was particularly distressing.

My ENT put me on a low-acid diet and doubled the recommended dosage of Prilosec OTC, an over the counter acid-blocking medication. A year later I wasn't still wasn't seeing much improvement so the ENT prescribed Prevacid, a more powerful acid blocker.

Although I did see some improvement with the new medication, I noticed that I was still having an acid reflux flare up virtually every day, somewhere between 11 a.m. and noon. My work schedule changed several times throughout this period, but the flare up occurred consistently regardless of when I woke up, when or what I ate, whether I was under a deadline or not. One day a flare up happened just I was about to go on the air. I remember telling myself, "You don't have time for this." Much to my surprise, the flare up ceased. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to repeat this "block" again.

Deciding the problem could be related to stress, I sought out Dr. Eleanor Laser. She agreed to give it a try, even though no one had ever asked her to treat this particular problem before.

The hypnotherapy session was nothing like the cliché stuff you see on television: I was conscious the entire time as Dr. Laser led me through a series of visualizations that helped me get to the source of the problem and left me with a post-hypnotic suggestion that allows me to handle flare ups as they arise.

Altogether I had a total of six sessions with Dr. Laser. In the six weeks since the last one, I have experienced more progress than in a year of medication. Thank you, Dr. Laser.