photo, postcardDr. Laser,

I just wanted to drop you a short note and thank you for your help in preparing for the labor and birth of Andrew. I know that Joyce has spoken with you but I wanted to pass along my thoughts as well.

As you know, she gave birth without the use of any pain medication even though she was on Pitocin which is supposed to increase the intensity of contractions. She managed herself admirably and I am very proud of her. She would say that she did not have time to hypnotize herself and/or that she did not believe she was "under" during the contractions or delivery. I am not so sure. She listened to your tape after her water broke in the morning and again during the first half of her four hours of contractions. I believe that she was able to control her pain in some manner and it is not hard to believe that she used your methods to help. She is grateful to have produced our child without the need for an epidural or other drug to help her manage.

Our insurance has not covered our expenses. I believe that it will be covered. But even if it is not covered, Joyce and I believe it was money well spent.

Thanks again for all your help and encouragement.

Charles Lundgren
Chicago, Ill.