Developing confidence for a job interview

Dear Dr. Laser,

I decided to fulfill one of my life goals that I wrote down May 18, 2008.

That goal is:
I am surrounding myself in a respectful and positive work environment that will value my leadership with financial and other benefits to support my family while allowing me to thrive in an appreciative, optimistic, curious, challenging environment, excited and passionate about achieving manufacturing excellence.

By October 2008 I had three job offers, one of which I accepted. In this economy, I should have been thrilled. Yet I had another opportunity that I was really excited about. It would totally transform my career. I was invited to participate in a "career day," where I would give a presentation I created for the day, participate in a role-playing game and work through some case studies in addition to interviewing.

I prepared for the career day and yet I felt I really needed to boost my confidence to the highest level and let go of anything holding me back from presenting myself at my best.

This is where Dr. Laser comes in. Dr. Laser was my hypnotist when I decided to pursue natural childbirth with both my boys and it went so well I barely knew I was in labor until I was halfway to giving birth. Those experiences--giving birth to Kane and Bohdi-- were the most amazing physical experiences I've ever seen my body accomplish and I think back on them with the best memories. Dr. Laser helped me achieve this.

So, as I thought about what would build my confidence to pursue the most exciting career opportunity in my life, Dr. Laser was the only thought I had.

In less than one hour, after not seeing Dr. Laser for almost five years, she took me through an experience that allowed me to find what caused my lack of confidence from childhood. I took that experience and some other career-based experiences and put them in a basket and watched it float away in my hypnotic/visual state as well as within me personally. Dr. Laser gave me a mantra and a trigger point to keep my confidence strong.

I went to the career day with confidence, where I received an offer and accepted it. This carer opportunity is the most exciting and well compensated of my entire career. I feel I spent my professional life preparing me for this opportunity.

Without Dr. Laser, I may not have landed this opportunity. She brings out the best in me and after our sessions, she puts me in control of maintaining my learnings with tools, mantras, triggers and visualizations to support your goals for each session with her.

Marie Getsug