Weight Loss Treatment that Worked

Hi Elly.

Thank you for calling me. I've been crazy-busy lately at work and in my personal life, and totally forgot to phone you. Sorry about that. But, like I said on the phone, I may not need another appointment after all.

After our appointment for hypnosis treatment for weight loss, my whole way of thinking has adjusted. Since the treatment, I look at food in a whole new light. I've come to realize that portion control is very meaningful, and I favor fruits, veggies and grain foods now more than I ever have. I've lost 8 lbs. since the treatment (which was about 3 weeks ago) and I'm feeling great.

If I feel myself slipping back into my bad eating habits, I'll be sure to call you again for a "pep talk."

Feel free to use my testimonial - you are terrific and should get the word out to lots of folks that need your guidance.

Thanks & kind regards, Marlene Libs