The Laser Method of Weight Reduction

Hi! I'm Mary Shaw. I lost 43 lbs in 8 months!

The Roller Coaster Ride I was always overweight and constantly dieting. My weight would always go up and down - like a yo-yo. I believe I have been on all the diets that you can think of. But, they never worked. I lost the weight but I always put it back on again, with a little bit more to spare each time.

The Pain and Hopelessness When I had to lose weight, I would starve myself. I felt pain when I could not eat the foods that I wanted. The pain was a physical pain. I had lost weight before but it never stayed. I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be a size 24 and did not attempt to lose weight anymore. I did not want to go through that vicious cycle over and over again.

A New Way!! About seven years ago Dr. Elly Laser suggested that I try losing weight again. At that time I weighed 225 pounds. I was very reluctant and did not want to re-live that pain again. Elly reassured me that this would be a new way and a new approach and if I ever felt that I could not tolerate it, we would stop.

Well, I decided to try.

The first thing we did was talk about the kinds of foods I was eating and how much of it I was eating. I wrote it down so that I was aware of it. The second part was exercising, like walking, to invigorate me. The third thing we talked about was why I was overeating.

But, most importantly, through hypnosis Elly put me in touch with the parts of my body that would assist me in losing weight, so that I would not feel so alone in my battle. She put me in touch with my hypothalamus. The function of the hypothalamus is to regulate body temperature, but more importantly, it serves as the central control system over feelings of hunger and satiety. Discovering the role of the hypothalamus made me understand how I could approach the help that was within me - not outside, not with a pill, not with a special diet (like only eggs or only meat). My hypothalamus became an internal partner helping me quell hunger. I could eat smaller portions and relate to food in a new and dignified manner.

It Worked!! My weight started to come off! I dealt with food differently. I did not eat leftovers. I threw them out. I ate what I liked: small portions and a balanced diet. I made sure I had fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates and some fats. Whenever I felt discomfort or hunger pains, I got in touch with my hypothalamus and that helped me go on. I lost weight slowly, sometimes a half to a pound a week. I never stopped being in touch with

this inner thing that helped me deal with what I would call the "loss of comfort food." In about a year, I reached a plateau of weight with which I was satisfied and I felt I was looking good. I had blood pressure problems which disappeared as a result of the weight loss. Consequently, my doctor allowed me to get off blood pressure medication.

Other Benefits Another amazing thing happened to me. I started to define myself in a very different way. People saw a change in me, physically and as well as how I felt about myself. Even to this day, I have reached the weight that I consider good for myself, weighing between 158 and 162 pounds. I feel very good. Walking has been one of the most glorious things for me. It has invigorated me. The weight loss made me fell so different about myself. I carry myself differently. I feel that I have something inside of me to go back to if ever I feel that I need to lose a pound or two. It is a friend that is part of me and will be there forever. I talk to myself and ask myself, "Is this what you really want to do- Will it hurt no one else- Is it where you should go-" It has helped me in so many ways.

Call her now! I never see an overweight person that I do not feel compassion for them, because I have been there. I would like other obese people to have the rejuvenation that I have. I am a new person and at my age that is quite a miracle! I highly recommend Dr. Laser. Her method was the only thing that helped me lose weight and keep it off. I know she can help you. You can call for a free hypnotic screening and consultation at 312-961-7727. There are no risks and you have nothing to lose.

Natural Labor & Delivery Techniques for a Positive Outcome

"This method has the potential to greatly empower women and their partners to birth more naturally with minimal intervention and, more importantly, to experience their labor as a more joyful and beautiful process."

-Melissa Sapiro, C.N.M. Northwestern Medical Facility Foundation, Inc. Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

"After speaking to many enthusiastic parents, I found this technique to be of tremendous benefit to both the first-time mother and those mothers with previous birthing complications. Hypnosis seems to make birth safer in countless situations."

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