May 13, 1998

Dear Elly:

Even though we had been friends for years and I knew you practiced hypnotherapy, I never thought it would help me out like it did until I tried it. That day that I ran into you before my dental implants was the best day ever! Thank god you suggested that I use hypnosis as a way to proceed with the surgery with ease and comfort. As you know, I was in a lot of pain from my previous procedure and I just dreaded going through this again. But because of your suggestion I decided to give it a shot; I had nothing to lose. So I did the one session with you in the morning before I went in for the procedure. Actually, I did it with "tongue in cheek."

To my amazement I went into the dental chair, had the implants and did not have any pain during the procedure or after. It was amazing! My recovery was a cinch. By comparison to the previous surgery, it was like night and day. The first time I was in agony, but this time even though it was with the same dentist and the same process, I was anxiety free and comfortable. This hypnosis really worked and relieved me greatly. I had no idea how much this could actually help until I proved it to myself. I was pain free during and after the procedures. My recovery went smoothly and I healed extremely well.

Unfortunately, eight months later I developed a very serious medical condition, which required major surgery at Northwestern University Hospital. Because of my successful experience with you, I decided to turn to you again. This time I planned for it in advance of the scheduled date of surgery. Those seven sessions during the three weeks prepared me well hypnotically for pre, during and post surgical recovery. I went into the surgery with the tape and earphones and even though the surgery lasted nine hours, my doctors told me that my pulse and blood pressure were stable and strong. This was very fortunate since I had open-heart surgery three years ago. The anesthesiologist was amazed at how steady I was during the surgery. All of my vital organs were in working order during recovery, and the hypnosis once again proved to be a great support.

I can' thank you enough Elly for all your help. I'm looking forward to more hypnosis to Prepare me for future chemotherapy and healing.

Yours truly,

Michel Muller Muller Motors, Highland Park IL.

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