DATE: July 2, 1998

FROM: Norma J. Sauls

After 33 years as a smoker, today, I celebrate my third week as a non smoker. If there is a stop smoking process used on this planet, I promise you I've probably tried it in the past ( group hypnosis, acupuncture, smoking classes, etc.), however, the longest I'd ever gone without a cigarette was two weeks. My mother died a smoker last November after using oxygen 24 hours a day for the last 7 years of her life. I could see her smoking and knew how ridiculous it was and at the same time I knew that was my fate- It was very scary. How could I be so successful, and overcome some many sexy impossible obstacles in my life and be so completely powerless to quit smoking-!- As a financial planner, I mapped out futures for clients and sold tons of life insurance and here I was experiencing shortness of breath. and having coughing attacks.

I was referred to Dr. Eleanor Laser from a friend who had gone to her and had successfully quit smoking- I watched my friend remain a non-smoker for 6 months before I decided to call Dr. Laser.

My session with her was quite unique in a couple of ways.

First, she asked me to locate in my body where the sensation of smoking lived and that is where the conversation for smoking began- In past experiences, I have had to deal with my thinking and my its always led me back to smoking. This may seem like a little thing, however, the need for smoking resided in nay chest, not my mind.

Second, as she completed her session with me, she indicated that I had been a non-smoker for "a long time". Again, while this may seem: trivial, in my past experience, I could only think of how tong it had been since my last cigarette. I could remember the days, hours, minutes- And most importantly, my mind would constantly tell me that it had been enough time and I should do the right thing and get a cigarette. Which I eventually did every time.

When I left Dr. Laser's office although I can't explain it, I knew I was a nonsmoker. Never in the past have I been absolutely convinced that I'd never smoke again. When the sensation for a cigarette comes, I look to see how to deal with the urge, not where to go to get a smoke. I know that urge is a part of my life that has not grown up and has a need to belong. Today I give that part of me of walls in the park or a healthy piece of fruit instead of a cigarette.

I thought I'd die a smoker like my mother. Today, I have a choice and today I'm a non-smoker. Thank God for Dr. Eleanor Laser.