Dr. Laser is The most amazing hypnotist in the universe!

From Natural Childbirth to Career Realization to Giving up Alcohol - Dr. Laser has come thru for me every time!

Dr. Laser and I must have some kind of spiritual connection - whenever I really want to make a serious change or commitment in my life, I seek her out. Over the past 14 years, she has helped me "enjoy" natural childbirth with both my boys, change careers to realize my potential and most recently - 15 months ago - she suggested I may benefit from giving up alcohol. I told her if I wasn't drinking in a year, I would write her a review to share my experience.

Well, being in the field of Maintenance and Reliability in Manufacturing Plants and moving into the Consulting world where entertainment is a given, not drinking is a tough decision to make. I thought it would help me find more time to work frankly and it has. I did switch to non-alcoholic beer - and have on a very few occasions (like my first trip to China) - made a toast with a few tablespoons of wine - which I actually do miss - yet can now live without.

Dr. Laser has a very interesting technique that works for me - she removes the "concern" like extracting a tooth. The first time we did this, I actually woke to a bloody nose. She wished she'd filmed it - yet that was too personal for me at the time. Even sharing this is quite personal for me, yet she's so wonderful in assisting people with making good decisions, I can't help but share her with the rest of the world.

Dr. Laser - Cheers! Happy New Year and thanks for always making me strive to be a better person - able to achieve her goals and convictions in life!

You are the most amazing Hypnotist in the Universe - I love you!

With Love & Respect,

Ree Gehrke