A veteran who was in Saudia Arabia survived an explosion that threw him into a ditch. After the incident, he was not able to sleep, he suffered from depression, lack of phyisical activity and weight gain. He was taking 5 medications for all of the issues. Dr. Laser saw him twice and he has made great progress. The veteran said he can sleep through a storm now.

Dr. Laser's work has performed wonders on me. I am a combat veteran who has PTSD which includes extreme bouts of depression and insomnia which in itself has caused me many tired days and missed opportunities due to being half conscience during the day.

Dr. Laser introduced me to Transcendental Meditation and hypnosis which I am happy to say; has greatly minimized my depression and has greatly improved my sleep. Over the years I have been on many medications to help me sleep and to improve my depression. At this point I believe I am ready to drop some of those medications thanks to Dr. Laser.

Thank you Dr. Laser; I will be forever grateful to you. I highly recommend Dr. Laser to anyone who have problems from depression to weight loss and many other issues in between.

— Karle