The Laser Method of Weight Reduction

Hi, Elly.

I had gastric bypass surgery on April 14, 2013. After struggling with my weight for most of my life, I knew this was my best chance to get healthy and keep the pounds off once and for all. Because this was such a drastic step and I wanted to do all I could to insure my success, a friend of mine who is a wellness professional suggested I look in to hypnotherapy to support my efforts. After doing research online, I made appointment with Dr. Laser. She was an excellent choice.

Not only was she able to accommodate my schedule (I live overseas and was coming back to my hometown of Chicago for a limited visit), she was kind, warm and highly knowledgeable. She understood my concerns and tailored her approach to my needs. Our sessions were intense and touched on some things I was surprised to learn about myself and my motivations. But they were exactly what I needed. I'm less than seven months out from my surgery and down 88 lbs. I know I wouldn't have been as successful were it not for the work I did with Dr. Laser. I cannot recommend her highly enough.