Dear Elly:

This paper outlines an undeniably fascinating treatment case. Congratulations on achieving every clinician's dream of being published in a respected, peer reviewed, journal.

There are so many takeaways for me, here are my top three:

  1. Erickson's utilization theory: As it states in your article, "using a person’s own attitudes, thinking, feeling, and behavior." Building on that, we recall that Erickson went beyond Freud, based upon lived experience, to arrive at the core belief that solutions to human problems lie within the person, in the unconscious mind. Taken together, this theory goes well beyond the one-dimensional concept of empathy that we all learn from Rogers and Kohut. Indeed, it does "a 180" on empathy as I know it; and, it evolves to a construct which I can now actually hold, dissect, and discuss with clients as we work towards it in our alliance.
  2. Water, Scuba, Purified Air!: I can picture, based on our experience together, how you elicited the metaphor from the client, sifted through, and ultimately harnessed the power of the tangible. I am awe struck by your laser focus and ability to cut through the forest and see the tree.
  3. Anchoring: You made this incredibly powerful tool seem such an easy and sensible task. I continue to use my anchor point today and cannot tell you how grateful I am for your help in locating.

Elly, you are truly an inspiration. I hold you in the highest esteem and regard. To have a career that is half as successful as the one you have would be a dream come true for a clinician such as myself. I hope you have an opportunity to present on this case at conventions in the coming years.

As a final note, Elly, thank you for providing me with such incredible guidance over the years. You have, and continue to be, the most brilliant and incredible mentor an Early Career Psychologist could have.

Warmest Regards,