Listening with the Third Ear

Treating Depression, Sleep Disorders and PTSD with Medical Hypnosis

By Eleanor Laser

To help patients heal, the medical hypnotist needs to be more than an eyewitness, she needs to be an earwitness and listen with a third ear. This was the case when I treated K.K., a combat soldier. As he told his story, I heard key clues and phrases that provided insight, allowed me to address his problem and help him return to health.

It all started when KK called and said he was referred to me by someone in Germany but he didn’t exactly know who. I was concerned since I work from home and only see patients by referral. So I asked him directly if I would be safe. KK gave me his word, explaining he was a combat veteran and really needed my help. After a few more questions, I sensed he was sincere and we set up an appointment.

Upon opening the door a few days later, I saw a handsome, linebacker size black soldier with a gorgeous face. K.K. sat down and started to tell me his story. In 1996, his US Army base in Saudi Arabia was bombed by Osama bin Laden. .During the attack, K.K. was thrown into a ditch two hundred yards away. "It was so dark there," he said, "I haven't slept since and now I'm always tired." The tiredness interfered with his work as an accountant. In addition, he was on five medications from the VA hospital but none seemed to be helping.

As I listened, the phrase "it was so dark there" jumped out. Tell me, reader, does that phrase jump out for you? Do the words give you a clue? For me they spoke volumes and explained exactly how I should proceed.

First, I hypnotized K.K. and taught him mindfulness, the new version of transcendental meditation. Then, I asked him about the darkness and realized he was frightened by the dark because it was unpredictable and he couldn’t see what was coming. Bottom line, since the 1996 explosion, K.K. had always slept alert which meant he hadn’t really slept at all. The solution was night lights plus the meditation.

This combination solved K.K.’s problem in two hypnosis sessions, allowing him to get on with his life. Eventually, K.K. moved to Germany but when he returned, he visited me and brought me flowers to say thanks because he was now a well rested man.

ELLY LASER, PH D is a medical hypnotist who is also trained to practice Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); Eye Movement Desentation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Hypnotherapy. To learn more about Elly's work, please see her articles on LinkedIn and

Eleanor D. Laser Ph D