As a competitive athlete and certified strength and conditioning specialist I understand the critical aspect of the mind/body connection, and how it relates to performance. Nonetheless, I was floored to say the least, when I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Laser and experience her techniques in neurolinguistic programming.

I have been a jiu jitsu practitioner for over seven years and in that time I have competed and excelled at a very high rate. However, I soon realized that as I continued to progress the more pressure I placed upon myself to win and succeed. This ultimately manifested itself in pre-competition as performance inhibiting stress and anxiety.

In no longer than 20 minutes with Dr. Laser, I was able to recognize this stress and anxiety and understand its role in my life. Most importantly, Dr. Laser provided me with methods to open my sensitivity to this anxiety, and methods to overcome it.

That night after our brief session, I fought in a jiu jitsu contest. Pre-contest, I recognized the anxiety and felt somewhat uneasy that again it was taking hold of me. Just prior to the fight I focused on the techniques I learned earlier that day from Dr. Laser. To my surprise I was able to fully suppress the anxiety and went on to easily defeat my opponent.

Dr. laser's methods were absolutely amazing and eye-opening. Her neurolinguistic techniques exemplified the essence of the mind/body relationship. I know Dr. Laser's techniques have been successful in the treatment of many conditions and ailments. With my experience I am confident that her work has a definitive place in the training of athletes and is key in the quest to attain maximal performance.

Tony Williams