Low Level Laser Therapy

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Cessation of Smoking
Jermaine Bradsfield

Cessation of Chocolate and Sugar
Renee Akers


Freedom from Smoking is Within Your Reach

Smoking is both a psychological and physical addiction. The Laser Method offers an easy way to eliminate these effects, combining scientific hypnosis and LLLT "Low Level Light Laser Therapy," (acupuncture with a light and no needles). These techniques eliminate old cravings and addictions immediately. In one session, your life will become more positive, and you will feel liberated from this unwanted habit.

Using this technique allows the brain to work like a computer. The keys "insert, delete and replace" are pressed. New input produces new output. Your old pattern of behavior is interrupted, and a new positive approach takes over. Would you like to give the gift of life and health both to yourself and your family? Call (312) 397-9200.